About Us

We are a team of creative experts specializing in full service commercial, studio, and industrial photography/video based in Saskatoon.


Matt Ramage

The founding nerd of Studio D, dedicated to helping professionals showcase who they are, and what they are about.

Matt Ramage is a professional photographer and entrepreneur, who still gets nervous before a photoshoot. The 32 year old runs his studio out of The Two Twenty in Saskatoon. Being a professional photographer has given him the opportunity to collaborate with some of Saskatchewan’s greatest people. If you asked Matt what his favourite thing to photograph is, he would probably say "...people who are passionate about what they do.”

Production Manager

Andrea An

Studio ninja and videographer

Andrea An joined the team in 2018. Andrea specializes in cinematic storytelling, and is Studio D's resident videographer. She brings incredible problem solving skills to her work, and tackles every project with precision. She also is a musician, singer, song writer, and photographer. Is there anything she can't do?