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The Air Cube

It's bigger than it looks.

Our custom built infinity wall in our Saskatoon studio hosted this beast of a product. Custom designed by Jeremy from HES Manufacturing, this was a new product launch for the company. For the marketing materials, Jeremy knew it was essential to get great photographs of the Air Cube. What is it? It's a ventilation system farmers install in existing grain bins. Standing approximately 8 feet tall, we brought it into the studio, and got these beautiful shots.


HES Manufacturing



Key ImagesVarious views of the assembled Air Cube were captured, along with the individual components. This was used for the assembly instructions.

As mentioned earlier, this product is actually very large. This required the full use of our studio as it stood 8 feet tall. Our studio ceilings are approximately 10 feet, and our studio wall is 16 feet wide. It was very important that the edges around the Air Cube were clean, and also that the reflections and highlights were clean. Essential techniques for doing cutouts.