Lacy Kindra

Redefining Real Estate

We were proud to be working for this realtor duo for the second year in a row. Lacy & Kindra chose us to do another environmental photograph for their marketing purposes. 2013's shoot was so well received, it was going to be a challenge to make it new, fresh, and better than last year. The final concept of staging an empty warehouse was excellent, and played on the idea that your dream home is out there and ready for you.


LacyKindra Realtors



Check out this major before and after. We had to clean up the unfinished walls, and ductwork in photoshop.


The main challenge of this project was looking past the unfinished nature of the building. The space is currently the home of Garden Architecture & Design's Interiors furniture space. During our shoot, it was under renovation, and ready for paint. It was extremely rewarding

seeing the final image. We start with an idea of how to do the digital artwork, but until we actually start, we have no guarantee's that we will be able to manipulate things the way we want. Removing the ducting was the hardest part, and slowly we painted in a clean section of wall.

To support what we call the "money shot" we also captured two killer headshots for their individual use, and a secondary shot with a simplified and relaxed look.