Branding Photography

Photographing Venture Capitalist, Neal Dempsey, in his hometown of Seattle, Washington

Neal Dempsey, a venture capitalist originally from Seattle Washington, contacted us with an interest in updating his marketing/branding package with some professional photography and portraits. Neal shared with us his love for running, passion for business, and unique experiences like going to Burning Man in the Nevada desert. We use his stories to inspire our creative direction and thought it was best to approach his branding photography session as a "day in the life" which lead us to meeting with Neal in Seattle for this project.


Neal Dempsey



My philosophy is to always do something that scares you, which includes investing sometimes. But that's when I feel most alive.

--Neal Dempsey

University of WashingtonThe Dempsey family have played a large roll contributing to the University of Washington. Their legacy has been honoured with the naming of Dempsey Hall and Dempsey Indoor.