We Day SK

Potash Corp brings WE Day to Saskatchewan for the third year in a row.

We day is the largest mobilizer of youth in north america, empowering teens to make real changes at home and around the world. Saskatchewan is extremely fortunate to have Potash Corp take such a close interest on their home turf. You couldn't just buy tickets to WE Day. Students from all across the province had to volunteer to earn their place at this event. Potash Corp didn't just bring WE Day to Saskatoon, but also had over 100 employee volunteers assist in making WE Day possible.


Potash Corp



Potash CEO Jochen TilkJochen Tilk sharing with the students how exciting it is for Potash Corp to be a community partner with Saskatchewan, making a difference here, and around the globe.

From Kardinal Official, to Mustafa the Poet, there wasn't a shortage of performers. Each artist, contributed their talent, and their dreams for making a change in the world.