February 25, 2015

Whats in our bag?

The toolbox of a working photographer.

We are used to being asked "What kind of camera do you got?" Which we happily share. Sometimes it's just a question of brand names, sometimes people want to compare what they own, and sometimes people are curious about why our cameras are special. So here is a sneak peak into what we bring along to our jobs.

This is how we ROLLSeriously - we use roller bags to handle our standard set of equipment. It makes life so much better! As a plus, they are sized for carry on in north america. Besides our tripod, it all fits.

The basics for us when we have two photographers is 4 cameras, 10 lenses, and 6 compact flashes.

CamerasOur four cameras are all Canon 5d MK3's. Matching cameras means matching colour accuracy. Why four? Because backups. We can each drop a camera and still be ok.

Zoom LensesAbove are our primary commercial lenses. The larger white ones on the left are great for events, progressively getting wider to the right. Which are perfect for spaces.

Prime LensesThese bad boys you see above are different from zoom lenses because they have a fixed focal length. In other words, we have to use our feet to get a tighter or looser shot. The perk is we can practically see in the dark.

We will be going further in depth on our lenses down the road showing some awesome examples of what they can do and how they are all different.